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After many years in the industry, both in the design and construction professions, ACHV's Founder and Principal Designer, Mr. Giuseppe A. Puglisi, decided that it was time to take business into his own hands and to use his experience and knowledge to create unique and desirable experiences for his clients... The kind of experiences that assure the client that they are the focus of the project and removes the corporate-like feeling of business that has become all too common in the industry... In doing so, delivering results that are unique to every client and avoids monotonous, repetitive, and uninspired design...


We strive to provide all prospective and/or existing home owners with as much control and influence as the industry can allow. At the end of the day, you're our number one priority and we seek to ensure that results of your investment are everything that you've come to, or wish to, expect. In doing so, we make certain that any and all decisions both respect you as the Client, but also reflect you as the individual that your investment will showcase. In other words, we want to create something that belongs to you with a sense of dignity, pride and personal expression. Let's be clear, that's not some generic 'cookie-cutter' clone or a lackluster excuse for you to spend unnecessary amounts of money. Whether you're emphasizing the most stringent budget, or you want to create your own palace, we can help you from start to finish and beyond... 

Marble Surface

Giuseppe A. Puglisi


603 - 401 - 7822  -  Office

603 - 851 - 0922  -  Direct

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